Two Girls and a Cupcake

We are a sister-owned business that aspires to make your every cupcake dream come true! 

We at Two Girls and a Cupcake are currently a home bakery, but we plan on opening a storefront that not only serves amazing baked goods but also employs those with special needs so we can show that as a team of united individuals, we can change the world one cupcake at a time! 


Our Story


Two Girls and a Cupcake started off as my (Cora Hanak) dream at the age of 14 and was originally named “A Girl and a Cupcake.” But when we adopted my little sister (Charlotte Hanak) I decided to grow my dream to our dream and change the bakeries name to Two Girls and a Cupcake. From there, our dreams only grew!
Bringing Charlotte into our family also brought new ideas to my mind. Sharing my love for creating, baking, and eating cupcakes with Charlotte, and seeing how much fun she had learning to bake with me gave me a fresh, new perspective on a new business idea. Charlotte has septo optic dysplasia, as well as other diagnoses, that could create a challenge for her in her future finding employment in something she loves. So why not create a business where people with special needs like Charlotte could learn skills and have fun doing a job that brings smiles to everyone, because who doesn’t love a cupcake? As well as giving them the fulfillment of being part of a small business in their community.  That’s where the idea for Two Girls and a Cupcake was born. We hope to one day have a storefront to fulfill all these dreams. 
We believe at Two Girls and a Cupcake that anyone has the ability to be so successful, which is why our goal is to employ those with special needs so they can learn and grow. Whether they stay and work or they take their knowledge and use it in their future career, we are here to help and encourage! 



Cupcakes, hence our name Two Girls and a Cupcake, is one of our most popular and most often ordered baked goods! Everything about our cupcakes are made fully from scratch and made with farm fresh eggs from our happy chickens. Just one bite into one of our moist and flavorful cupcakes will bring you on a flavor adventure and will never leave you unsatisfied. 



Our cakes offer something that other bakeries may not offer, that something is what we call the three f’s. Fresh, flavorful, and fun! From layered cakes to precious animated cakes, we’ve got it all!


Pies, Tarts, and Cheesecakes

We offer a variety of pies, tarts, and cheesecakes that are full of your choice of fruits, sprinkles, flavors, and so much more! With just one bite, that chosen flavor will explode in such a delicious way! 



We offer so many classic cookie flavors as well as some “not so classic” flavors that will leave you in awe and only wanting more!


Gluten-free Baked Goods

We at Two Girls and a Cupcake want everyone to enjoy what magic we have to offer in our baked goods, so we are learning how to make delicious gluten-free desserts! We offer a growing amount of gluten-free baked goods and hope to keep learning and growing!


We take call-ins as soon as two weeks before the due date is.

Prices vary upon order.


“With your sister and a bit of cake, there is nothing you cannot accomplish!”

Cora and Charlotte Hanak


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